The Benefits of Using a Board Portal

Board Portal is a web-based application that lets companies streamline their meetings to share documents and files and improve governance. The tool is growing rapidly in popularity among non-profit organizations and for-profit companies alike, thanks to its many benefits. The tool helps save time and money, while also reducing the necessity to purchase maintenance and management of various software solutions for tasks such as meeting minutes, communication, document sharing and voting.

Easily collaborate on documents across platforms and devices in real-time, even when board members are continents apart. Use pre-built agenda templates to quickly design and share agendas and calendar integrations to view everyone’s schedules live and eSignatures to ensure instant approval of decisions. The system also keeps an historical record of every action, vote and comments to provide an entire picture of the decision-making process.

Board portals allow directors to communicate securely with committee members or team members before and during meetings. They can also look over and annotate documents online. They also ensure that all modifications are documented and backed up so that the most current version is always accessible.

The best board management software vendors offer strict security protocols, such as two-factor authentication for user logins and full encryption of stored information and communications between members. Additionally, they often support retention policies for data in order to limit company liability. They should also provide a free trial for potential customers, in order to give them the chance to try the software before investing in it.

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