Sensitive Files in International Deals

Executives are becoming more concerned about sensitive files in international transactions. These files, often categorized as hypersensitive as they are the crown jewels of a business and carry heightened risk if exposed in the wrong hands. Cybercriminals are able to target any sensitive data which contains financial information, personal data or trade secrets.

Loss, misuse, and the unauthorized access to sensitive information could affect national security and federal programs as well as the privacy that individuals are entitled to under the Privacy Act. Check out controlled non-classified data (CUI).

Information with moderate sensitivity has a legal obligation to be secure, but whose leakage would only cause minor harm to the person or organization concerned. Examples include building plans information, individual donor records, intellectual property information, IT service information, visas and other travel documents, and security information.

A business that is international needs to identify and categorize the data that falls under the PHI of HIPAA and the GDPR’s PI regulations, LGPD, NY SHIELD, CCPA, and more and ensure that it’s stored and transferred effectively.

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