How to Choose a Totally Free VPN For Android

A free VPN can be a wonderful method of adding extra security and privacy to your Android phone or tablet. If you’re in need of additional security when using public Wi-Fi or to get around geo-restrictions on your favorite streaming services, a no-cost virtual private network can help you achieve exactly that. Keep in mind that free VPNs typically come with a limited number of features, slow speeds and data caps. They typically don’t offer the same features as premium VPNs with features like a variety of VPN protocols and server options.

Hundreds of free apps claim to be VPNs available on the Play Store, but many of these simply act as proxy services and do not secure your internet traffic or DNS requests. Additionally some of these free VPNs monitor your online activity and sell it to third-party companies. You should only use an open VPN that is reputable and secure for your Android device.

When selecting a no-cost VPN for Android Look for one that is a custom mobile app that is easy to use. It should also include essential security features such as a VPN Kill Switch, which prevents your IP from being exposed in the event of a connection drop. Split tunneling is another feature you may want. This allows you to select which apps are able to use the VPN and which do not.

For a secure and speedy Android VPN, check out NordVPN. You can avail a seven-day trial and avail their money-back guarantee in order to test out the industry’s leading VPN for Android devices.

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