Best Practices for Remote Business Meetings

Remote business meetings are a key element of effective virtual communication practices. No matter if you have a distributed workforce or employees who work from home, it’s crucial to keep them interested in meetings that help your company thrive.

We’ve collected some helpful tips and best methods to run more effective remote business meetings. By adhering to the basic rules of meeting protocol, and then taking the appropriate actions afterward, you will increase productivity and ensure that remote employees finish their work in the timeframes you have set.

Start with an icebreaker to break the ice. In remote meetings, icebreakers or other fun exercises for employee engagement will encourage participants to share their opinions and participate more freely. This will help to build strong bonds between your team members, which is an important aspect of a healthy and productive workplace.

Embrace your role as facilitator. The key to successful remote meetings is active facilitation. Make use of your voice and screen share to entice your participants and be descriptive in your language to ensure that your remote team members can understand your points.

Terminate your meetings on time. People are more distracted than ever, so an organized, short meeting with a clear agenda can be more efficient than a long session that is full of nonsense.

After your remote meetings are over, send a summary to all those who attended. Include an outline of each discussion point, and determine who is responsible for each action item. This will enable your team to quickly reference the information from the meeting and ensure that they are on track to finish their work before the deadline.

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